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It is possible to rebuild America.  If we work together with the common goal of rebuilding the American Dream we can achieve it.

The following is a list of ideas and suggestions that, if implemented could help restore our nation.  Together we can pressure our leaders to act on these ideas and begin to create a better society for all of us.

Invest In Local Economies—Individuals should shop locally and local businesses should support local events.

Create Green Jobs—Investing in renewable energy technologies would create many jobs while decreasing America’s dependency on foreign oil and helping to preserve the environment.  Subsidizing the production of hybrid/electric cars and other alternative energy technologies would make them more affordable to the public.

Campaign Finance Reform—End corporate personhood and the influence of lobbyist.  Even the playing field by having publicly financed elections.

End The Wars—We are sending $3 billion a week overseas to finance the wars. (1.3 Trillion per year)  Bring our troops home and use the money to create jobs for our returning soldiers as well as the many unemployed throughout the country.

Return To Fair Tax RatesEnd the tax breaks for the wealthy.  Outlaw corporate tax havens and tax breaks for shipping jobs overseas.  Enact tariffs to make the cost of manufacturing at overseas equal the cost of manufacturing at home.  Create a new tax bracket for those making more than $1 million a year.

Universal Health Care—This would create a healthier, more productive society.  Most industrialized, democratic nations have universal health care and polls show that the majority of Americans favor this.  America already has many publicly funded programs and services; police and fire dept., postal service, schools, libraries, etc.

Invest In Public Education—From preschool through adult education our children deserve access to a quality education regardless of economic status.  They deserve safe, well equipped facilities.  This would create jobs now and would give our children a better chance for success as adults.

Empower The American Worker—Provide workers fair, livable wages.  Preserve collective bargaining rights.  Remove the cap on Social Security tax so lower income workers will have something to retire on.

Invest In America’s Infrastructure—Repairing our roads, water/sewage systems and investing in public transit, high speed internet and a more efficient energy grid would create jobs now.

Tax Wall Street Speculation—A fee of 1/20 of 1% on each trade would raise tens of billions in revenue with virtually no impact on investment.

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