Atlanta 'Contract'

Here are some suggested demands.

1. We want a full free education for every child living in the United States, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, orientation, physical or intellectual ability, or religious belief, from neonatal childcare to any and all post graduate degrees if they so choose to accept. Students will be required to take part in an education of some kind, as granted by the municipal authorities, until the age of adulthood but will have the choice to walk away from secondary education provided for all students at the age of 18 at which time they may choose to start a career, become a civil servant, enlist into the military, or seek some other pursuit to their liking.

2. We want federal fully funded healthcare, included in the care provided shall be emergency trauma care, long-term disability care, hospice end of life care, pediatric care, recovery and therapy care, psychological therapy and counseling, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, all pharmaceutical drugs, instruments, or any item that patients will have to use in order to receive appropriate care.

3. We want all there to be no large gaps between the highest and lowest wage earners in any company. There will be strict adherence to wage control both to cap the highest wage earners, and to set a mandatory minimum wage requirement and encourage businesses to profit-share and co-op. Strict regulation will be mandated for the buying, selling, trading of any stock, and new laws will be enforced to terminate any and all predatory practices including customer scams, rip-offs, intimidation, or coercion. These tactics used in business are detrimental to society as a whole and are damaging to its citizenry.

4. There is no such thing as a right to work as it is necessary for people to afford to live in an industrial society. If workers feel that they have been treated unfairly and the owners of the business are unwilling to negotiate to meet the needs of the workers, the municipal government shall mediate. If not terms can be reached, workers are within their rights to organize into a union to litigate for the rights of the workers. Businesses need to meet health, safety, and environmental requirements before any business may continue its production.

5. The end to mass deportations of undocumented workers. Deportations should only used in cases of felony convictions past or present. All immigrants documented and undocumented are entitled to the same protections under the constitution that all other people enjoy.

6. The privatization of public services must come to an end. It is these very companies that break the laws of the land and exploit those people who would most benefit or whom the service was intended for. This includes all police activity, Military services, the penal system, hospitals, government agencies, transportation services, etc.

7. American businesses must rely on American products. Manufacturing of American products will resume and no longer will companies outsource their production or services to foreign countries. For too long the American worker has been overlooked for foreign production, cheap labor, and the side-stepping of regulations. American business owners must swear to uphold American production and services. If an American business chooses to market themselves outside of the US, they may do so, but production must be done in the US.



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